The Sealed Library publishes small RPGs and materials for use with existing RPG systems.

Our work has a central theme. Who controls creation of knowledge? All too often knowledge has been curated by the few and the powerful. This is true from the micro scale of tabletop games to the most macro geopolitical scale. We aim to share that creation of knowledge between more people, and to share different perspectives.

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We believe in the Sword Dream. If you’re new to the *Dream, the principles are below for you to read.

The 9 Principles of *Dream

  1. *DREAM stands against hate & prejudice in all forms. We seek to actively oppose bigotry & harassment in gaming communities. We create kind spaces.
  2. *DREAM works to be radically inclusive. We seek to support and encourage creators, GMs, players, and organizers from marginalized groups. And we seek to get better at this all the time.
  3. *DREAM encourages the use of sensible tools for communication and consent. This includes both conversational consent (in community spaces) and safety tools (at the table).
  4. *DREAM opposes harassment and strives for non-toxic discourse. We value best intentions, we call in before calling out, and we start discussions before we make accusations. We seek to empower everyone to curate their space. Above all, we engage sincerely.
  5. *DREAM values creators & their work. We support equitable pay for professional creators and fair treatment for hobbyists.
  6. *DREAM values a DIY approach to creation. We question gatekeeping, we take alternative approaches when traditional publishing models fail, and we believe anyone can make great games.
  7. *DREAM values experimentation in game design & worldbuilding.
  8. *DREAM isn’t defined by, but is interested in: anti-canons, emergent story, generative worlds, kitbashing, non-violent play options, and more. And it’s fine if some of these things contradict each other!
  9. There is no one *DREAM. Anyone who commits to these principles is *DREAMing .

Hire Us

If you like what we publish and want something like it to bring to your table or product line, get in touch. We start at 10c/word.