Hire Us

One Hour of Tabletop Production Consultation: Free

We start at 10p/word and work upwards based on complexity and research.

We can write rules & systems, content, and more.

We’ll spend an hour with almost anyone new to producing tabletop games, art or merchandise for free. We’ve produced this stuff at scale from fully DIY through to global distribution for publishers.

We’ll be able to tell you what you need to know to get started in producing your own things, or direct you to people who do know.

We can help you with lots of aspects of production for your game/thing. Such as:

  • Product Design
  • Sourcing Manufacturers
  • Project Management
  • Fulfilment
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Distribution

Longer Consultation: 25+ GBP / hour

We’ll help edit your game into something tighter and clearer.

We’ll make notes on your game and discuss changes to mechanics, content and more.

Crowdfunding: Profit Share?

Not every job works at per word pricing.

We can help you get your RPG out there. We’ve worked on products from inception to logistics and can help with most of what you might need. And if we can’t, we can hook you up with someone who does.

We know there are loads of people out there who want to take a game to crowdfunding, but don’t have the resources up front to pay for the support they need to make it as good as it can be.

We’re open to doing this consultancy and project management on a profit share basis, especially if you’re from a marginalised background of some sort.