Hire Us

Writing: 10+ pence / word

We start at 10p/word and work upwards based on complexity and research.

We can write rules & systems, content, and more.

Hire us to write for your game. We can write rules and systems that stand alone and we can write to integrate with existing systems whether in-house or under license.

We can write content and content generation tools to flesh out your setting and adventures, or to act as seeds and starting points.

Writing a game is hard, and often the best thing you can do is workshop it with someone else. We can take your work in progress game and help you develop, tweak and tune everything in it to help get it ready for a broader audience.

We’ll work through your existing manuscript and provide detailed notes. Then we’ll work together with you over video call or whatever means suit you to take those suggestions and turn them into changes that’ll make your game or adventure sing.

Dev editing: 6+ pence / word

We’ll help edit your game into something tighter and clearer.

We’ll make notes on your game and discuss changes to mechanics, content and more.

Hourly: 19 GBP / hour

Not every job works at per word pricing.

We can help you get your RPG out there. We’ve worked on products from inception to logistics and can help with most of what you might need. And if we can’t, we can hook you up with someone who does.

For some work word rates are an industry standard, but they’re far from appropriate for a lot of work. If you’ve got something else you need help with or a job that doesn’t fit with a word rate, we can work with you on that.

We’ve worked on successful projects from inception to distribution into retail and every stage in between. If you’ve got a part of your RPG project you need help with we can either help with it, or provide you with connections to folks who can.