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The What on the Borderwhere?



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The What on the Borderwhere is a way of taking the dungeons you remember and playing them exactly as you remember them. You can apply it the classic Keep on the Borderlands but it’ll work with all sorts of adventures.

It’s a GM prep tool that can be used solo to create new adventures out of old ones and do your prep and notemaking at the same time. It can also be used as part of a group to take an adventure you’ve got already or build a new one as a fun activity with your group.

WotBW relies on a few simple principles to make it what it is.

The best way to learn a text is to use it. Just reading a text isn’t the best way to learn its content. Higher forms of interaction like taking it apart, discussing it, rebuilding it, all aid that instant access memory it can be helpful to have as a GM.

Memory is an act of creation. We remmeber things, we forget things. We remember things that never were. This idea drives much of the creation herein.

The details aren’t what makes an adventure good. A prewritten adventure is laden with details. This corridor turns left here. This room is ten feet wide. What would happen if some of those things were different?

Print purchases here also include a PDF. It’s also available digital only on itch.io and DriveThruRPG

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